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Shrewsbury Snow Plowing Crew

Shrewsbury Winters Can Be Brutal...
Let Our Experienced, Dedicated Team Keep You Clear and Safe.

Welcome to the website of Shrewsbury Snow Plowing and Snow Shoveling, where we work hard to ensure you and your loved ones have a clear, safe path of entry, all winter long.

In terms of a Shrewsbury snow plowing service, we're a clear cut above the rest. We're not "one guy with a truck" that slowly makes the rounds after they plowed out their big customers. Instead, we make residential snow plowing and shoveling our only business. This means we have multiple crews that work constantly, armed with plows, shovels, and a lot of elbow grease. And yes, our residential customers LOVE our work.

Shrewsbury Snow Plowing

A Few Important Points:

Thank you for visiting our Shrewsbury Snow Plowing and Snow Shoveling Website. We invite you to read about our services, learn more about how we're different, and learn more about us as a company. And as always, if we can assist you or a loved one in any way, please call us at 508.842.3393 or e-mail Greg (the boss) at

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