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*Please note that while this page lists services, it's more for showing you our capabilities than asking you to "pick and choose". The bottom line is we take care of every customer's snow removal needs, every time it snows. Simply call us at 508.842.3393, and we'll give you an estimate for everything you want done, for the entire winter.*

Shrewsbury Snow Plowing Truck


When the snow piles up, we move it.

We utilize a fleet of six modern trucks, armed with stainless steel X-blade plows (the best plows you can buy). This not only makes moving snow easier, but also ensures your property is not damaged by an old plow or an underpowered, sputtering truck. We also know how to plow correctly, which makes everyone's life a lot easier.

Shrewsbury Snow Plowing Crew


This truly sets us apart from everyone else. Besides plowing, our dedicated shovel teams attack the snow with shovels, strong backs, and a smile. We always "finish" the plow job with shovels (meaning the front of the garage or other areas the plow cannot reach), and then we shovel other areas according to the individual customer's desires.

We will shovel anything and everything - from walkways and sidewalks, to paths to your oil tank, mailbox, and the dog's outdoor area. We will even clean off your vehicle and shovel around it. Nothing is "too hard" - do you need a path to the wood pile way out back? No problem.
Bottom line: You will not have to worry about snow, ever.

Our customers have come to love our complete shoveling service.
Especially elderly customers or single/working parents who need "more" than a simple driveway plowing.

Roof Raking


This is where being a tree company comes in handy. With our 75' tall Aerial Bucket Truck, we can get the heavy snow off of any roof (not just the low ones, clear ice dams, and ensure that you and your family are safe all winter.

This is an essential service for the heavy New England winters. Snow buildup on roofs is dangerous. It can drop at unexpected times, and even collapse a roof.

The added advantage we offer is when we clear the snow from your roof, we'll also shovel it away from any essential or trafficked areas (in other words, we'll clear your roof, and won't bury the doghouse in the process.) Pictured here is a photo from one of our recent jobs, on a tall building, in the city of Worcester.

applying rock salt


In addition to shoveling, our crews can apply environmentally-friendly ice melt/calcium chloride to those slippery surfaces. This melts the ice, and alleviates what can become a dangerous problem. You can walk outside with confidence.

We're also a tree company, and that means when the winter bends, bows, and snaps trees on your property, you need not call someone else. Just show us what you want/need, and we'll handle the rest with the same attention to detail and professionalism that has been our hallmark.

Can we help you in any way? Simply contact us here.

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