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Why Hire Us?

The bottom line is, our customers want the peace of mind that we bring. If it snows, they know we're showing up soon, and will provide a crisp, clean, complete snow removal job every time. But digging deeper (pardon the pun), there are five reasons our level of service remains second to none:

    Clear driveway

  1. Our People - Our dedicated staff is made up of hard working professionals who, on average, have been with our company for many years. They are experts in every respect, well-mannered, and will fill you with confidence. You will not find a better snow removal team, and you'll be happy every time "our guys" show up to clear you out. We promise.
  2. Our Equipment - Modern trucks, the best plows, employee safety uniforms, several types of shovels, and other high-quality, well-maintained equipment is the order of the day. We have the tools to do the job right - even the tough jobs. For example, if you have a high roof that needs clearing, our 75' tall bucket truck swings into action.

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  4. Our Focus on Residential Snow Clearing in Shrewsbury - We don't do parking lots, stores, or other commercial plowing. Instead, we only service residential homes in Shrewsbury. This allows us to service our customers far earlier than our competition (who handle their "big" commercial accounts first). No customer of ours spends hours snowed in, waiting for the "plow guy".
  5. When It Snows, We're On It - With 6 trucks and 19 men, we are on alert when the first flake falls, ready to move. As soon as the storm wanes, we go. You'll be amazed at our speed and thoroughness.

  6. Clear walkway

  7. The Completeness of Our Work - We plow. We shovel. We handle areas the other guys won't touch. Anything you need, we'll clear. To your total satisfaction, every single time.
  8. Our Price - Ok, let's add a sixth reason. Yes, our price is a little higher than budget plow guys who provide a substandard, budget job. But our customers are continually amazed at the value we provide for the fees we charge. We think you'll like our price too - just contact us for a free estimate.

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