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Call For a Free Estimate! (508) 842-3393

Call For a Free Estimate! (508) 842-3393

20 Years Experience. No Property Damage. State-of-the-art Equipment.

We will clear the snow from your driveway or parking lot with the clean, damage-free precision of a snowblower (not a snow plow). You’ll love our first-class snow clearing service and your driveway and lawn will appreciate the care only the New England Tree Experts can provide.

Call today to lock in to our schedule and guarantee your service.

New for 2023 and beyond – Driveway and Parking Lot Snow Blowing Service. Call to get on our storm schedule:  (508) 842-3393

Other Snow Blowing Advantages

No Large Piles – Snow plowing leaves large piles of snow near your driveway that can take weeks to melt, turn to ice as they do, and block visibility in and out of your property. Snow blowing spreads the snow out in out-of-the-way places for both convenience, better visibility, and a much faster melt.

More Efficient – Snow blowing is faster and more efficient than plowing. Enjoy quieter nights with less banging around from a plow going back and forth, up and down, 10-15 times per average driveway. Getting on our schedule allows your driveway to be done quicker and with significantly less impact to your pavement and grass.

Precise Clearing – Plows are great for roads…not so much for a tight space (like a driveway). Snow blowing allows for ultra-precise, down-to-the-ground snow removal. Horseshoe, curved, uphill, downhill, and driveways surrounded by retaining walls are our specialty.

More Methodical – Snow plowing is the process of pushing snow right to left, left to right, and most times, driving over it, packing it down, then trying to scrape it back up. Snow blowing clears the snow immediately as it enters the blower and disperses it far on to your lawn. There is no left right, or forward back. There is also no packing the snow down to the point where it cannot be scraped up.

Damage-Free – We’ve mentioned this already, but it is worth repeating. Snow plowing hurts the lawn and landscape around your driveway and your driveway
itself. Snow blowing does not.

Versatile – With a snowblower we can generally put the snow where you want it. Up and over hedges, fences, retaining walls, or other small barriers that would typically cause a plow issues. We can also get nice and close to your garage door to eliminate the need for hand shoveling in that area.

Can Handle the BIG SNOW – Plows can have trouble with more than a foot of snow in one day (nowhere to push it. No way to back-drag it.) Our commercial snowblower cuts right through up to two feet of snow with one pass.

Call today to get on our schedule and to gain some peace of mind that not only will we be there each and every time it snows, but that your driveway will be done with care and caution and your property will receive the respect it deserves – (508) 842-3393.

We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art commercial Snow Blower to quickly and cleanly clear your driveway. Call us now to get on our storm schedule for the rest of this winter, and get preferred placement for next year.

The advantages of a Snow Blower over a snow plow are numerous. The big one is NO LAWN AND YARD DAMAGE, which is generally unavoidable even with the most careful plow operator. The snowblower is fast, clean, precise, and leaves no damage behind.



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